I feel like I often repeat myself when blogging in regards to new independent media & the incredible phenomena of the internet, but whatever it’s pretty important. 10 years ago I don’t think anybody could have guessed what the internet would be today- the amount of content and traffic the internet sees on a daily basis is crazy. I don’t think anything- not even the highways or public restrooms see as much traffic as the internet (excuse, the vulgar reference, but I’m assuming they do see a lot of traffic). Never when I was younger could I imagine being so dependent on the internet as a resource and a tool- years ago it was only good for AIM to instant message my friends and update my buddy-profile. Everyone uses the internet & the internet has created a platform of immense accessibility.

In the video above Sophia Grace an 8 year British girl is being filmed by her parents- there is no professional recording studio or crazy manager- probably just a hand held digital camera. The video is posted to Youtube. The video goes viral. Everybody is clicking and sharing the link to watch an adorable 8 year old girl belt her lungs out to rapper, Nicki Minaj’s Super Bass. The video goes so viral and becomes so popular on youtube that ELLEN DEGENERES, the quirky late afternoon talk-show host flies her to the U.S to appear on the show. Not only does Sophia get an incredible 15 minutes of fame on huge U.S television network, but she gets to the meet the multi-millionare dollar rapper-her idol- Nicki Minaj. Pretty cool? Absolutely, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the internet.

The spreading of ideas is incredible on the web. Within seconds anything posted can reach hundreds of people- an audience much larger than any other television network could reach. That’s not the point of this blog- the point of this blog is to emphasize the power of just on individual on the web. There is no need for a middleman.

Brian Stelter of the New York Times wrote an article on the youtube sensation, Michael Buckley. Buckley launched his own youtube celebrity gossip show-What the Buck that he released multiple times a week. He got so big that he started to bring revenue. Incredible, that from just simple equipment and no professional training that Buckley become such an incredible media hit. No manager or publicist or camera-crew or make-up artist or contractor had to be called in to complete Buckley’s project. The income falls right into the hands of the creator and star himself.

The potential for success is just huge on the internet. The power of the individual to start something is expanding rapidly online, however, the success of that individual still depends on the masses. Without a large audience success isn’t possible. But the internet makes it way easier to find an audience and fuel that audience’s growth. Incredible.


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