Me, Myself & 1,000

The Power of the Audience

An inspirational speech, for sure, but I find the true power behind the speech in the emphasis on the power of the audience. That audience is the billions of internet users across the world, logged in on their desk tops & laptops, not only browsing the internet, but checking up daily, even hourly on the internet. Gilliam pinpoints the fact that fans, viewers and faithful followers have incredible power.

It’s a bit freaky, nonetheless exciting, that people from hundreds and hundreds of miles away can unit on the platform of the internet regardless of geographical barriers split them. 

And now I have sounded incredibly cliche. But indy media and this emerging world on the web has such momentum and undeniable power. This platform has the ability to influence like the March on Washington but not just once in a lifetime but hundreds of times a day. The uniting of people happens so fast and so vastly. Not only does this power of the viewers & followers have the potential to mobilize change, reform or development but it has the power to pay. (& who doesn’t want money $$$)

The good ol’ green stuff seems to have a reoccurring theme in my recent posts..interesting. 

Cofounder, Gilliam (discussed above) of Brave New Films piloted this idea that his audience would be his funder, his sponsor-“People Powered Film”, he called it. The Washingon Post’s article on the issues shows just how effective this idea is. True, devoted followers and fans will contribute to the creation of project, because they want to see it, they need it for their benefit. They got $267,892 in 10 days. That’s crazy. Donors averaged just a mere donation of $62. The only way they asked for this funding was via the internet- no big ad campaigns, PR strategies or mailed pamphlets.

The Technium published a very cool article on the strategy and business model that aspiring artists should follow- the true fan method.  Pretty basically the business model is: get 1,000 true fans first, then when you’re sure they are true- ask for $$$, if they’re true they’ll pay & BAM your project is underway. A True Fan is defined as someone who will purchase anything and everything you produce. The articles definition of a true fan makes sense & if these are the fans an artist can obtain, it makes perfect sense that their project will take off & develop successfully. Again we see in this business method that the power lies in the hands of the viewers & the fans & the internet users. Online communities have incredible power. 

The reality of mobilization, change, development, advancement & success seems to be turning very quickly to the internet. Look at Justin Bieber his wildly successful singing career began from a homemade video posted on youtube. The internet makes nearly anything possible.Image


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