Show me the Money!!


well, maybe so me the money…..

Jerry Maguire isn’t the only one that wanted the green stuff. Money money money money money money….everybody loves it, everybody needs it. Indy media is becoming more and more successful as the world of blogging and niche sites are exploding across the internet. So many people are turning away from mainstream media and are now getting the main bulk of their news and information from independent media outlets. The success stories are abundant…Talking Points Memo, Huffington Post & so many more.

Even sites that are not the typical “news” related are skyrocketing to success. Businessweek wrote a story about the unbelievably successful blog…I Can Has Cheezburger. Newsy? nope. Successful? oh yes! This site started as a joke, just a guy posting a funny picture. Now the site rakes in about $5,600 a month- the creator of the site has quit his day job & is able to pursue & play with the site full time. This success story just shows the power of independent media, if you can find the right niche that reaches the right audience and fosters the right community there is a very strong possibility of a large check.

The success is great and the potential for profit makes the world of blogging probably much more appealing for some, so maybe more interesting and diverse people will start up new and fresh blogs. However, where there is money there is always danger. Its a typical trend, when just a little bit of green success is in someone’s hands they want more- greed consumes them. I fear that indy media may fall victim to the power of the dollar bills. You see it with some many things, when profitability becomes the only driver then quality of production and content flounders- look at mainstream media. Stories are published or are not published just to make sure advertisers are satisfied because without them there is no paycheck.

Look at Huffington Post, despite being still wildly successful, this was an independent site free of corporate ties & now they are owned by AOL- a giant corporation. Thus far, I personally have not seen any decline in workmanship or quality of the news outlet. But just being tied to corporate entities seems to taint the good name of indy media. The beauty of indy media is that it is free from the corruption that looms over corporations and puts the power of news and story telling into the hands of truly devoted and active citizens. Not to sound too cliche, but it is truly a almost pure exercise of democracy. Money & potentially high profits cloud that purity- potentially.

I am not trying to be a pessimist, but I fear the power of money. And this is not to say the potential for business online for bloggers is no where short of awesome. Money is necessary and incredibly appealing. I just hope that as indy media expands and becomes more successful and profitable that none fall prey to the corruption of corporate and the dangers of greed.


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