Hamburger’s Home on the the Web

Wanna know what’s new in the world of the hamburger?


There is actually a place on the web that has all the latest dish on the traditional American grub.

A Hamburger Today is a blog completely devoted to updating viewers on what’s new with burgers. Giving content about new recipes, styles, burger gossip and anything burger-related. There is a section teaching the art of the burger and instructing you on mastering all styles of burgers…the pub burger, sliders and so much more.

I think this burger blog is so cool. It just shows the ability of independent media to take any topic, any niche, any interest, any idea and create a place were everything has a narrow focus. It is so devoted to a certain area, topic or thing and that is so cool. Indy media has the ability to not only provide “newsy news” to the public but it gives a place for anyone to capitalize on an interest and give fun, interesting and often forgotten information on anything and everything. 



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