Spread the Love

Democracy Now covered Storycorps“All There is” on Valentine’s day this year. Storycorps is the largest oral history project. Anybody can walk into their booth and interview a loved one, to preserve their voice for ever. They say people use the interview to act as if they only had a short time left with a loved one and they had to tell them how much they love them. What a perfect valentine’s day theme, love.

Love is something everyone knows. Whether you have fallen in love with your significant other, or its the love of a parent or child or even the love for something, not someone. Love is universal. This segment of Democracy Now captured the universality of love, that not matter the story, anybody can relate because everyone knows what love feels like. It’s not a difficult concept to understand, it doesn’t take training or studying to know how it feels, and both the joy and the heartache that come along with it can be understood by anyone.

Founder of Storycorps, Dave Isay, played his favorite interview – Danny and Annie. The most amazing thing about these stories, is there is no face to these voices, so yes they are individuals and their story is unique, but without a face it becomes much easier to relate. To be able to put any face to the voice allows the stories to transcend to just Danny and Annie. The story of Danny and Annie is both tragic and touching, it gives shows that no matter the circumstances love can prevail and love can give some of the most strength to anybody.

Democracy Now is a news outlet, so they have to give the news. I think what is so important about the stories they tell is that it gives a voice to the silenced. They give an incredibly human feel to the news, which is important, because it makes things much more real. This Valentine’s Day story was perfection.


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