Watch out Joan Rivers, Fashion Blogging takes off

New York Time’s 2009 article, Bloggers Crash Fashion’s Front Row perfectly depicted the then up & coming world of fashion journalism online. The world of fashion is in constant motion, it’s always changing, trends come in and out constantly, no body can really keep up with what’s in and hot and what’s not. Big fashion magazines and news outlets update their readers and viewers on “what’s in”, but within a month when next issue comes out there’s something new that’s “the hot new look or accessory” and last month’s trends are out! So how ever did “ordinary” fashion lovers keep with the trends? Without access to the runways or high-end fashion jobs? Hard to say. But the new and still emerging phenomena of online fashion blogging has opened the doors for hundreds of fashion-gurus, without the luxury of runway access or chic fashion jobs, to stay right on top of what’s new at the moment. This blogging has created a timely and instant access to the world of high-fashion.

So wonderful to the new world of fashion blogging is the instantaneous nature of critique. That’s all fashion is critique! “you look fabulous!” “that dress makes your hips look huge!” “what were they thinking wearing that color?” “these new lines of shoes are to die for”…blah blah blah blah…it goes on and on!

 Now you don’t have to wait for the magazine’s to come out with the latest critiques of who’s wearing what and such. And you can hear from regular, ordinary people you’re critiques don’t have to be so narrow. Joan Rivers is no longer the only one giving her feedback on the latest fashion showings. Fashion blogging has given a personal touch to the would of high-fashion, which historically was ,for most, an incredibly distant and strange world.

Fashion blogging fits in perfectly snug with the continually emerging reality of independent media. It finds a niche and really focuses in on it, it can truly devote itself to the world of fashion and doesn’t have to worry about losing advertising if it bashes a designer’s item. There’s no dependency on the corporate structure of the fashion world or the big media world.

Fashion blogging gives a very cool edge to the fashion world and designers better jump on the blogging bandwagon or become very comfortable with these bloggers, because they’re here to stay!


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